Friday, February 22, 2013

Adding a color bar per company

A common question users often ask for is to change the color of AX forms when logged in to a different company. This comes from may legacy systems having this behavior. It turns out changing the background color on AX form results in a pretty ugly experience due to the many different layouts of form, group and subgroups, and other controls that would all have to have their backgrounds changed.

However one interesting way I found to provide similar behavior to this is to add a color bar across the top of forms similar to the workflow status bar indicating the company logged in to.

Disable "Changing company accounts to: " infolog warning

If you are using multiple companies in Dynamics AX you likely have seen the "Changing company accounts to: <company>" infolog warning when changing between companies. This is particularly annoying when working with intercompany sales orders and purchase orders when your business process has you switching back and forth between companies. This is pretty easy to disable with a simple modification to the Application.setDefaultCompany() method.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Customs integration with Dynamics AX for EDITrade and CANData

I just wanted to give a quick update on what I've been working on recently. We import product into both the US and to Canada, so we have a need to supply data to both US and Canadian customs.
There are two companies we are working with on this: EDITrade from Descartes for US Customs and CANData Systems for Canadian customs.

I know everyone is gearing up for Convergence 2013, but I'll be back here in Seattle working away. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone finds any other companies that have integrated EDITrade or CANData with Dynamics AX.

Ultimately I plan on providing more details on our integration and some examples.