Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Using secondary currency and exchange adjustments

If you are using secondary currency (also called reporting currency) in Dynamics AX you might not be aware that the ledger exchange adjustment program does not update AmountMSTSecond values in Dynamics AX 2009.

One reason to use the secondary currency in a company is to report on both your primary currency and your secondary currency.

Say you have a company in Canada that does transactions in both US Dollars and Canadian Dollars. If your master currency is set to USD your ledger transactions will have the USD equivalent in the AmountMST field and the amount in the transaction currency in the AmountCur field. For transactions that are in CAD then will have both the USD and CAD values, but for transactions in USD both fields will be in USD. Setting your secondary currency in the company to CAD means that all transactions will have the USD amount in AmountMST and the CAD amount in AmountMSTSecond.

Currency Code Master currency amount Transactional currency amount Secondary/Reporting currency amount
USD $100 USD $100 USD $98 CAD
CAD $100 USD $98 CAD $98 CAD

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Microsoft Advanta campus

Most people know that Redmond, Washington is home of the Microsoft Corporate campus, but the offices for Dynamics AX are actually in Bellevue, Washington. I took a few photos today for my online photography class at Proud Photography and I thought I'd share one of the images here.

Microsoft Advanta Campus

The other offices where Microsoft has major Dynamics AX development that I know about and have worked with teams from are Fargo, North Dakota and Vedbaek, Denmark.